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Auburn Igniters - Flame Rods
Liquid Level Electrodes

Standard Ignitors

Westwood ignitors and flame rods can be found in a large variety of burners and furnaces. Westwood supplies ignitors to OEM's such as R.W. Beckett, Wayne, Ducane, and Powerflame as well as Maxon and Eclipse and many others. Westwood manufactures special custom ignitors in small and large quantities. Westwood also stocks a variety of replacement ignitors for oil burners. Shown are only a few of the many types of ignitors, flame rods, and liquid level probes manufactured.

Liquid Level Probes w/teflon seal

FRS-4-6 Flame Rods w/ Rajah™ SSN terminal

Double Ignitors


 A combination lineman's and oil burner serviceman's tool that has all the features of the lineman's pliers...plus the ability to cut, strip and crimp ignition cable and terminals. Hand fitted and finished to make this professional quality tool a joy to use and a pleasure to look at. Perfectly matched side cutters are tough and rugged to cut cleanly. Precision ground stripping grooves will strip all type ignition cable. Handles are dipped in a soft plastic for added gripping strength and comfort for the operator. Positive and permanent connections are assured with the "Star Crimp" jaws. Part # 695


This tool is great for cutting standard gauge glass. It will evenly cut short pieces of 1/2" long or less. Just set the stop to the length you need, squeeze the "trigger" and rotate the glass until it snaps cleanly in two! Part # 996

 Note: Always wear gloves and eye protection for safety while working with glass.


This is one of the best tools around for cutting gauge glass. It's the only tool recommended for cutting Redline and High Pressure Glass. It cuts easily and cleanly and leaves clean straight edges.

It's easy! Just place the glass tube into the base and press the top firmly down while rotating the glass. Score the glass for 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch long. After scoring, place your thumbs on each side of the score. Push with your thumbs while pulling each end away and the glass will break cleanly apart. Part #WP-1

Note: Always wear gloves and eye protection for safety while working with glass.


Porcelain Cutting Tool & Gauge glass cutter. Cuts glass up to 3/4 inches in diameter. This tool's compound action even snaps oil burner insulators. Part # 997

Note: Do not cut High Pressure or Red-Line glass with this type of tool. This can stress the glass and lower the maximum pressure rating of the glass. It is recommended that you use the WP-1 glass cutter shown above.